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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Believing In Myself

I've always had a problem with believing in myself. In every area of my life, when I try something new or difficult, I hear a voice telling me I'm crazy for trying. It tells me I'll never make it and I'm wasting my time.

I hear the voice every time I sit down to write. Every single time. I try to ignore it and sometimes I succeed. Other times I allow the negativity to creep in. The doubts take over and I wind up asking myself just who, exactly, I think I am. What makes me think I can actually write something anyone would enjoy reading?

I wish I could silence the voice for good, but I suspect it may always be there. Even if, or WHEN, I get published. Maybe it will become harder to hear over time. Whether it does or not, I plan to write anyway. I'll work on believing in myself as I go.


  1. I don't think it ever gets easier.

    But you know what? The fact that you keep coming back to the blank page really shows how courageous you really are.

  2. You can get rid of that problem once and for all. Just try N.L.P.it's a brilliant help. You'll soon be striding out and believing in yourself full time!

  3. Thanks to you both. And Carole, I will look into that. Thank-you very much!

  4. One of my favorite quotes is "Discouragement is a tool of the Devil."
    Write on!

  5. I think everyone has that voice. But it will grow faint, the more success you enjoy.
    I think you need to change the language you're saying to yourself.
    "Even if, or WHEN, I get published".....leave off the "Even If".
    As Wayne Dyer says, "Change your thinking, change your life".
    Now, get back to work and do something remarkable.

  6. i think anyone trying to express themselves will feel the kind of doubt you mention, and those that don't are pretty unconvincing in their claims. Although it would be great to wake feeling confident and assured, the human body isn't made that way, hormones ebb and flow. What you can control is your will to test your limits and you do that by keep working, whatever the weather. some days will be great, some terrible, but your skills will improve and so will your understanding of yourself.

  7. Yeah, that voice is a real downer, isn't it? I play loud music to drown it out. :D

    I gave you an award over at my blog here: http://brenleedrake.blogspot.com - go over and grab it for your site.

  8. I tell that voice that people are waiting to read my stuff--it is so good--and it will have to go bug someone else! Besides, I'm AWESOME! ;) Good luck--I can't wait to see what you write!

    Carla @ carla-jansen.blogspot.com

  9. Self-doubt is a demon we all have to overcome, but can't ever truly... vanquish lol. But I think that's okay. That whisper of doubt keeps us human and humble. So long as it remains a whisper <3

  10. Hmmm. Yep everybody deals with it.
    With that said - How does that voice talk to you?

    Do you have friends who talk to you like that?

    You are that voice you know...do you say mean stuff to your friends? Bet not.

    But you let YOU talk to you like that?

    If you were around someone who never had a kind word for you - would you validate that person by taking what they say to heart? If you do - you accept the opinion and believe it.

    How about you go to the mirror and say something nice to yourself. I know it sounds hokey - but I am shocked at how many people honestly can't scratch a single kind word out of their brains for themselves - which makes it not so hokey - but more of a learning experience. (humble does not mean hateful)

    What does it say? You are no kind of friend to You. I'm not saying recite long lists of sappy validation every morning in the mirror - but you need to fire that crappy friend in your head if you can't make them at least say things to you in a polite civil way.

    Is your inner voice a sum of every kid who was mean to you in highschool? Is it a family member who projects the failure of their life onto you to make them feel better?

    Fire them. Break up with them. Tell them off.

    It's time for a new - more fun - friend.

    Mine will say bad stuff too - "You sure managed to put your foot in it there - go say sorry before it gets too cold to eat!"

    Mine is rather annoyed with me from time to time - but they love me - and want the best for me. If yours is into making you suffer - that says they are not pushing you to achieve so much as hovering to gleefully sing "I told you sooooo"

    You are the boss of the voices - time to establish that or hand out pink slips.

    Find a picture of yourself as a child. Look in that child's eyes - (Do not think of it as you - it's just a kid) Do you see that little face full of hope and dreams and life? What would you like that kid to know? Tell them. (can you say to them - give up kid you can't do anything - can you really?)

    Now realise you have every power to change that kids life by what you say - every power. You are the Genie who grants that childs wishes. One word at a time. Make those words count - every day. Then you will find a whole new voice - and you will find the person that cute little person in the picture should be.

    Hugs - Howlynn

  11. I struggle with the exact same issue. Staying confident in myself as far as my writing skills go is a hurdle I have to keep jumping over