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Friday, February 4, 2011

Being Happy

Why is it when I'm happy, I mean really feeling thankful for all of the blessings in my life, some crabby person comes along and tries to rain on my parade? It happens often and I have to wonder if maybe God is testing me. If He is, that's okay. He knows what I need, of course, and if He feels I need to be tested on my patience or my ability to control my temper and not rip someone's head off, then so be it.
Anyway...about my book - My current WIP is a novel about a homeless man who has battled alcoholism for most of his life. He's basically made a mess of his life and has ended up alone. He wants to make up for time he's lost and try to heal the pain he's caused. I feel for this character. After all, how often do good, decent people make mistakes and often hurt the very people they care about the most? I've been guilty of this myself.
I feel good about this story and I look forward to writing today.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday! Don't let anyone rain on your parade! =)


  1. Thanks for joining me, Tammy. Have a great writing day.

  2. Well, you put a smilie on my face when I saw I had a new follower on my blog--so thanks for that!
    Your WIP sounds interesting. I'm in the midst of novel-writing too, and while there are days it seems wholly impossible and selfish, I think it will still be worth it for the story to be told. After all, that's why God made us each different, right? For different thoughts and perspectives!

  3. Hi Tammy.
    This book that you are writing sounds very interesting and sad. Stories about Alcoholism is always sad. I love the photo of your little baby. She certainly is a smiler. Thank you for being a follower of mine, and now I am your twelth follower. All the best tammy.